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Thinking About Adopting A New Furry Family Member Over The Thanksgiving Holiday? Consider Adopting An Older Dog Or Cat

If you are thinking about adopting a new furry family member over the Thanksgiving holiday, please consider adopting an older dog or cat. You just might save a life.

Older dogs are often passed over at kennels for younger dogs and puppies. The same goes for cats. Don’t let these homeless pets live out the rest of their days without a real home or family – Giving these older dogs and cats a home will not only save a life, but they will completely change yours.

Older dogs usually come trained and understand basic commands, so they often adjust more easily to a new home and family than puppies and younger dogs.

Older dogs are calmer, and forever grateful for a new home and family to love.

Cats are often characterized as aloof and disinterested in the people around them. Not true! People who are attentive and affectionate with their pets usually have very affectionate cats – especially calmer, older cats who love to snuggle.

Older, mature cats form strong bonds with their families, especially their primary caregiver.

You are offering these homeless dogs and cats an infinitely better way to spend the rest of their lives – not to mention possibly saving them from euthanasia when they have been in the kennel for “too long.”


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