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Carbon60 is an extremely tiny molecule composed of 60 carbon atoms—hence the name. These carbon atoms are arranged in a hollow, cage-like sphere, very much resembling a soccer ball. It’s also most commonly referred to as C60, but other names for it include fullerene, buckminsterfullerene, and buckyballs. C60, when dissolved in oil, becomes a form that is highly stable, nontoxic, and therefore safe for human consumption (lipofullerene). C60 olive oil is one popular example of such a substance.

Due to its unique structure, C60—and fullerenes in general—has been under constant, on-going peer review. Many field researchers have been looking into potential applications in medicine, industry, and technology for quite some time now. C60 olive oil, in fact, is the result of such research; an orally ingestible substance that is considered highly health-beneficial and therefore commercially consumed as health supplements.

Indeed, there are currently multiple first-hand reports and testimonials regarding the latent health benefits of C60 olive oil. So what exactly does it have to offer?

C60 And Longevity

Initially seen as a possibly potent longevity supplement due to the incredible results it garnered in Dr. Fathi Moussa’s rat study, people have started taking C60 olive oil in an effort to prolong their lifespan. According to the study, Dr. Moussa had three groups of rats; a control group, a group injected with C60 dissolved in water, and a group injected with C60 olive oil. Every rat that had been treated with C60 olive oil lived about 2 years longer than the last rats in the first two groups. The last rat in the C60 olive oil group died at 66 months, or almost 6 years.

To put it into perspective, the lifespan of a common brown rat is about 2 years. A black rat has a life expectancy of only 12 months. Wistar—or laboratory rats—have an average life expectancy of 3.5 years. Ergo, the results revealed an almost 90% increase in the test group’s lifespan. It follows that the longevity was attributed to the C60 olive oil treatment. The only question that remains is how.

Lifespan Prolongation Through Antioxidant Action

Oxidative stress happens when the body is unable to “counteract or detoxify” the harmful effects of free radicals. These free radicals—or oxidants—can negatively affect the physical and physiological areas of the human body. The resulting on-going damage caused by oxidative stress is thought to be the reason we age. One theory suggests that the reactive oxygen species (ROS or oxidants) in mitochondria and mitochondrial DNA cause cumulative damage and break out bodies down overtime.

Following this theory, anything that can combat oxidants—i.e., antioxidants—is the secret to prolonging your life.

C60 Thought To Be A Powerful Antioxidant

As a carbon nanostructure composed of 60 carbon atoms, C60 has the ability to bond with up to six electrons. This makes it a powerful scavenger of ROS—i.e., a powerful antioxidant. Indeed, this 2011 study credits C60 with the ability to inhibit the rate of tumor growth, stating “the high antioxidant activity of C60 fullerenes” as the reason. A similar, more recent study looks into C60 as a “promising therapeutic agent” for preventing skeletal muscle fatigue—again, citing its natural antioxidant ability to decrease the effects of muscle breakdown and fatigue.

Because of all this, one of the most widely accepted explanations behind C60’s ability to lengthen an organism’s lifespan is its nature as an antioxidant—and a powerful one at that. Based on this study, fullerene’s anti-aging ability is described as “sufficiently higher than those of the most powerful reactive oxygen species scavengers.” Ergo, it seems that C60 olive oil is not so much the fountain of youth as it is just a very powerful antioxidant that can protect the body from external and internal damage for a considerably longer amount of time than normal.

Despite the fact that longevity isn’t exactly measurable, and that are yet to be credible, solid reports attesting to C60’s ability to lengthen the human lifespan, many remain undeterred, and religiously continue to take C60 olive oil on a daily basis.

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