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The Health Benefits of C60 Olive Oil From First-Hand Reports

How effective is C60 olive oil? We know that it’s being hailed as a longevity supplement, an athletic performance booster, a potential hair growth serum, a topical solution against UV damage, and many, many more. Of course, without solid scientific evidence, none of these claims can stand ground. Despite the lack of such, however, a lot of people continue to take, recommend, and distribute C60 olive oil, claiming a myriad of health benefits.

By and large, the effects of C60 olive oil vary slightly from person to person. However, there are a handful of similarities that pop up in every report. And because the existing C60 research and studies presently available to the public only ever use rats or models, we’ve decided to collate the most frequently-mentioned health benefits of C60 olive oil from these first-hand accounts to get an idea of the potential general effects of C60 on human beings.


Of course, right off the bat, we know the problem with using forum posts as sources; there’s no credible way to verify these people’s claims. There is also no credible way to verify their identity or existence either (the probability of these being just one or two very bored people  posing as a whole forum of C60 takers is wild, but not a hundred percent impossible).

So as we delve into the testimonials, we do so with two things in mind. One; we’ll just have to put some good old-fashioned faith that these are real people sharing their honest experiences with C60 olive oil. And two, it is in fact worth mentioning that a good percentage of the stories being shared are not all blind praise. A lot of them do mention some potential but minor side effects—ones that vary from person to person.

A lot of them also post research or news regarding C60 in the effort to spark a discussion and get some honest opinions. As far as their experiences are concerned, most of them do tie in with previously documented (and publicly accessible) research.


One guest from France mentions C60 having a potential nootropic effect, stating that they feel a definite cognitive enhancement from their 1.5mg/day dose. They note increased logical performance. Responses echo the same sentiment; less brain fog, increased alertness, higher cognitive motivation. One response links the mental enhancement to increased feelings of alertness as well.

The closest publicly accessible research to explain this is one published back in 2008, exploring how carboxyfullerene (C60) can improve cognition and extend the lifespan of mice.


Interestingly enough, a lot of people also mentioned noticeable effects in their skin after C60 olive oil application—both orally ingested and topically applied. One 45-year-old male mentions that that some “small spots of scaley leukoderma” on his arms disappeared, as well some older scars, after taking C60 olive oil, 10mg/day for 3 weeks.

Another 32-year-old reported a noticeable decrease in the depth of his nasolabial folds—a common occurrence other people share (general reduction of wrinkles overall). In response, a forum user shares this 2010 study behind C60 and anti-wrinkle cosmetics.


Another commonly reported effect of C60 olive oil is a marked increase in energy, cardiovascular endurance, and increased physical performance. In fact, The Helix 12 Project lists it as one of the most repeatedly reported effects. Reports along the similar strain of physical performance include ability to lift heavier weights, longer endurance runs, and marked cardiac improvements.

This could be attributed to the apparent antioxidant properties in C60 olive oil—as published in a 2013 study—which suggests that it may effectively protect cells from oxidative damage. This would explain the marked cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Another more recent and more specific study published in 2017 looks into C60 fullerene as a “promising therapeutic agent” that can correct and prevent skeletal muscle fatigue.

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