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C60: Related Studies & Publicly Accessible Research

The problem with substances being introduced as supplements is that many write it off its reported health benefits as the product of simple placebo effect. It’s very difficult for most people in the Science & Medicine industry to accept newcomers hailing from the Health & Wellness district, unless these newcomers are backed by multiple instances of scientifically acknowledged studies and research. This is true for most longevity supplements, but C60 garners some extra special attention.

Aside from the fact that it is a fairly recent newcomer, having been publicly recognized for just a scant few decades, people have been crediting C60 with a lot of health benefits; longevity, improved immunity, increased energy, anti-aging … the list goes on. First-hand accounts usually have high praise for C60 olive oil, stating little to no side effects and a plethora of almost miraculous health improvements.

That alone is enough to ring cautionary bells for people who hear too much about “miracle cures” and “cure-all supplements.” And given how fantastic everything sounds when listed together, we can’t blame the more sceptical for their doubts. Fortunately, in C60’s defense, there are quite a number of published studies that suggest that the developments credited to it may not be as far-fetched as previously thought.

While these benefits have yet to be scientifically proven, here is a list of publicly accessible C60 and C60 olive oil-related research.


First and foremost, of course, is the very study that launched C60 to fame. Dr. Fathi Moussa’s 2012 study. Three groups of rats were used; the control group (given just water), the olive oil group (given just olive oil), and—of course—the test group (given C60 olive oil). The control group lived an average of 22 months. The ones given olive oil alone reached a 26-month average. The test group—given C60 dissolved in olive oil—lived an average of 42 months—practically double the average lifespan. Read the original study below:

The Prolongation of The Lifespan of Rats by Repeated Oral Administration of [60]Fullerene


Perhaps the most mentioned health benefit garnered from C60 olive oil is its latent potential as a highly potent antioxidant. There are numerous studies delving into this, and some well-founded theories that suggest that the reason C60 can prolong lifespan to a considerable degree (as witnessed by Dr. Fathi Moussa) is due to C60 being an unusually powerful antioxidant. Here are three such studies:

Possible Mechanisms of Fullerene C60 Antioxidant Action

Carboxyfullerene Prevents Iron-Induced Oxidative Stress In Rat Brain

Fullerene-Based Antioxidants and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Physical Aid/Enhancement

Yet another commonly mentioned health benefit of C60 olive oil is marked increase in energy and alertness. Some people report this experience as boosted mental and physical capabilities. Others—especially athletes—say that C60 olive oil helps them run faster or lift heavier weights. With numerous studies already crediting C60’s latent potential to protect cells from external damage, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that it may provide physical enhancement for the skeletal and/or muscular systems.

There are two interesting studies regarding this. One focuses on C60 specifically for skeletal muscle fatigue. The other looks into the potential of C60 advancing orthopaedic research:

C60 Fullerene as Promising Therapeutic Agent for Correcting and Preventing Skeletal Muscle Fatigue

The Applications of Buckminsterfullerene C60 and Derivatives in Orthopaedic Research

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