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C60 And Gut Health: How Does It Work?

Aside from promoting longevity, C60 is known to be a powerful antioxidant, capable of protecting the body—both external and internal structures—from a considerable amount of oxidative damage. For instance, one such studysuggests C60 capable of preventing iron-induced oxidative stress in rat brains. Another one delves into C60’s full potential as an antioxidant.

Given its supposedly latent abilities to take out oxidants and toxins, a lot of people have begun promoting C60 and c60 olive oil as supplements for general gut health. For people dealing with issues in their metabolic and digestive system, C60 could potentially offer a long-term solution. After all, improved digestion and a healthier appetite have been mentioned as C60 health benefits in a good number of first-hand accounts.

Until it’s scientifically recognized, we can’t say for sure whether C60 can indeed offer total gut health. However, working with the data we do have, many have been able to draw reasonable theories as to how C60 can keep our gut clean.

How It Works

C60, as this study puts it, is characterized as a “free radical sponge.” Its efficiency as an antioxidant is several hundred-fold higher than that of conventional antioxidants, and its considerable size means it is able to “collect” and bind large quantities of toxins at a time.

When you take c60 olive oil via oral ingestion, the c60 travels to your gut. Once there, it absorbs as many toxins as possible and binds them through a C-C bond—one that neutralizes the positively charged radical. Once it is saturated with the positive charge and the toxins are successfully neutralized, C60 than travels through the digestive tract to exit the body normally.

Simply put, C60 just mops up all the toxins it can in your gut before exiting the body, leaving behind a considerably cleaner and radical-free space. In this sense, the term “free radical sponge” is quite apt.

Dosage & Storage

As with every substance, C60 and c60 olive oil can prove to be toxic or harmful if used incorrectly. Just as it’s possible to overdose on harmless over-the-counter drugs or prescription pills, too much c60 olive oil taken the wrong way could end up doing you more harm than good. Seeing as it’s not doctor-prescribed or medically endorsed, you may find it difficult or daunting to figure out how to take c60 olive oil.

So, to start with, watch your dosage. Aim for less than 1mg/kg weight. People usually find that 5mg to 10mg is a good place to start. Some gradually increase their dosage to get more desirable results. Others often stick to relatively low-grade consumption—just enough to supplement their health. If you really want to be sure, try to ask people who are already actively taking carbon 60 olive oil. There are dozens of longevity and health & wellness forums out there, full of members who will be more than happy to help you out.

Secondly, c60 olive oil is best taken orally. Some people apply it topically as a skincare or hair growth aid. This is fine, too. However, injecting C60 could prove to be difficult and needlessly complicated. Some studies looking into the toxicity of C60—such as this one here—have found potential complications due to IP (intraperitoneal) injection. Ergo, it is much safer (and much easier, too) to take C60 orally.

Since c60 olive oil is merely fullerenes dissolved in olive oil, oral ingestion should not be too much of a problem. Other companies even offer different oils, for those who aren’t too keen on the taste of olive oil. Some examples include C60 coconut oil, C60 sunflower oil, and C60 purple (lavender) oil. All oils have their own individual health benefits as well, and thus work in perfect complement with the C60 mixed in them.

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