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100% Natural


Our products contain extremely powerful antioxidants that scavenge for toxins and free radicals in the body, and help protect the body from both internal and external damage.

Clinically Tested


Our all-natural anti-inflammatory products have been proven to reduce inflammation across all of the body’s systems –including in the joints, gut, muscles, skin, liver, brain, lungs and more.

Pure and Organic


REJUVENATE For Women provides anti-aging benefitsby reducing fine lines wrinkles, expelling toxins and creating a healthy, natural glow to your skin.

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If you have a pet suffering from joint pain, this stuff is amazing. My little Violet could barely walk and was doing physical therapy once a week. I started giving her Companion60 and now she only goes once a month and her therapist is amazed at how well she is getting around.

Tammy C.

To all owners of pets with joint issues, if you love your pet and want their quality of life to improve, and peace that they are comforted, then Companion60 is the answer.


My cat, Lily was suffering from feline kidney failure that was making her very lethargic and unwilling to move and jump around like she used to After just a few weeks on Companion60, she was clearly feeling better, playing and moving around without pain. Thank you LivePet!


My cat, William, has been using C60 Companion for 2 months. He has more energy and more ease of movement. We both are very pleased with his progress.

Teri E.

My horse, Atut, has a whole lot more vitality than he used to have. He’s feeling good, and he’s feeling happy. I would recommend Companion60 to any equine owner.

Anne S.

What Can C360 Health Products Do For You?

Clarity of Mind

REVIVE for Men and REJUVENATE For Women not only heal and protect the body, but they heal and protect the mind, too. Our products bring about better mental clarity, enhanced focus and a more balanced mind.

Decreases Inflammation

All of our products contain a 100% natural anti-inflammatories, that eliminate inflammation throughout the body and drastically reduce symptoms from inflammatory maladies in men, women and pets.

Increases Energy

All of our products are designed to naturally increase energy, vitality and stamina in men, women and pets!

Enhances Muscle Definition

Both REVIVE For Men and REJUVENATE For Women enhance your muscle definition and reduce muscle fatigue, as well as reduce recovery time post workout.

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